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Double Mitre Saw LJZ2F/LJZ2FC/LJZ2F-CNC/LJZ2FJ-CNC-500×5000

Product Categary:
High-tech Machine
Main Feature:
Double Mitre Saw LJZ2F-500×5000, Double Mitre Saw LJZ2FC-500×5000, Double Mitre Saw LJZ2F-CNC-500×5000, Double Mitre Saw LJZ2FJ-CNC-500×5000 are for PVC and aluminum profile cutting.
Main Features
  • 45° and 90°Cutting angle can be exchanged automatically
  • Large range of cutting size, and the max. Cutting width can reach 320mm, 4 pcs of profiles can be cut together if the width of profile is less than 60mm
  • Both horizontal and vertical clamp system which can not only ensure the precision of the position, but also can apply to clamping of different profiles.
  • Safeguard covers on both cutting heads can protect the operators.
  • The rail of machine motion and feeding heads for cutting adopt the linear bearing motion pair
  • Reasonable structure and precise processing of whole machine is for high precision of finished product.
  • CNC control with auto length stop ,high automation
  • Automatic compensation of cutting dimension, high precision of re-positioning.
  • High precision and high efficiency, ideal machine for high-grade window processing.
  • With high cutting precision and efficiency, it’s the ideal option for high-grade PVC window and door fabrication.
Product Type
  • LJZ2F-500×5000: Manual type.
  • LJZ2FC-500×5000: Digital display type.
  • LJZ2FC-CNC-500×5000: CNC type.
  • LJZ2FJ-CNC-500×5000: Integrated CNC type.

Can communicate data with PC, download software and create processing programs/data, realize CAD/CAPP/CAM.

Optional part: barcode printer.

Main Parameter
Input Voltage 380V 50HZ
Input Power 4.4KW+1.5KW(vacuum)+0.75KW(drive)
Air Pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Air Consumption 100 L/min
Motor Speed 2800r/min
Cutting Length Max. 5000mm
Cutting Length Min. 450mm
Cutting Range 320×80mm 230×150mm
Saw Blade Specification φ500mm×4.3×φ30mm
Overall Dimension 7400×1800×1600 mm
Weight 1900kg
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